Southill Primary School

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Whole School Performance

The children will perform their Christmas Nativity to Parents and Carers at 1.30pm and 6pm today at All Saints Church, Southill.  Doors to the afternoon performance will open at 1.15pm.  Children who have parents/carers attending the afternoon performance may take their children home at the end.  If you have a relative attending whom you would like your child to go home with, please ensure you inform the office no later than 11am on Wednesday 11 December.  Any changes to collection arrangements received after this time will need to take place from school upon the children's return.  Please ensure your child is back at church by 5.45pm when the doors open for the evening performance.

A collection to go towards the lighting and heating provided by the church will be taken before and after the performances.  Thank you also to FoSLS for providing refreshments at the performance.